This show features works from Greg Dyro, Araks Johannes, Gina M., Sharon March, Karchi Perlmann, Lori Pond

and Devin Thor. The artensemble group of artists brings to Lamperouge Gallery a diversity of talents.  Their unique

passionand interpretive use of media, ranging from stone, ceramics, paint and photography, articulate each

individual’s philosophy.

Greg Dyro’s photographs are captured, manipulated and merged with other organic forms to create texture

and mood to strengthen the intent. The result helps to convey Greg’s perspective, his mind’s eye. 

Araks Johannes’s artworks communicate real emotions and feelings with figurative and portraiture paintings. 

By using traditional, classic old masters’ techniques, she reveals the strength of under painting, light and glaze.

Gina M.’s hand-built high-fired ceramic teddy bears, toys, and puppets are in different stages of 

decomposition. The iconic images from her childhood become lost objects, misplaced opportunities and distant 


Sharon March’s current series, Revisiting The Japanese-American Internment, explores the dynamics of 

conflict within the reality we are confined in. The paintings are monochromatic portraitures in oil. 

Karchi Perlmann’s recent series Time Cather, Abstrx Nouveau, LA Monuments and Together 

Discombobulated are the direct descendants of his time-exposure-movement experiments, revealing a completely 

fresh take on cityscape photography. 

Lori Pond’s work creates a photographic memento mori. Her photographs are a means of considering the 

vanity of earthly life and a practice of reflection on mortality. The images convey connectivity between the viewer and 

the subject that may not happen in daily life. 

Devin Thor is both a geologist and an artist.  His new series of sculptures, Paleolithic Creatures, pays homage 

to our prehistoric ancestors and the animals they painted on cave walls. Paleolithic animals became extinct at the 

end of the last glacial period, about 10,000 years ago. Extinction is forever.