CLOSING RECEPTION Sunday, May 7, 2017 ... 2pm to 7pm

Mike Russek: "Loose Connections" 

Mike Russek's work is based on computer circuitry and conduits of human movement; highways, flight paths, maps etc. Russek recreates our familiar routes of connectivity with those he finds in nature, with objects, and personal relationships. In this body of work, synthetic materials are seamlessly integrated with natural elements that exist all around us. Described as "Post-Modern Mandalas", Russek uses laser cutters in combination with plastics and natural woods to explore (and express) the latent, fine-tuned harmonies at play between order and chaos.

Ando Pndlian: “Search+resQ: Laser Vision”

Ando’s approach is intuitive and sensorial, and includes a wide range of insightful contributions.  He has encouraged the development of designs that use new and reclaimed materials for custom/modern products, eco-friendly furniture, and a socially conscious fashion line. Every piece of art has a story of it’s own. Materials (often reused/up-cycled) act as inspiration and vessel for ideas that are created digitally and infused with word play as a graphic element. Ando’s work reflects a continuing interest in the union between research, design and culture, focusing on the way the user experiences the piece and the value added to a space. 

Ando established Search+resQ, (search & rescue) in 2006 as an independent and multi-disciplinary design studio. The studio focuses on design fundamentals while incorporating in-house (state of the art) laser technology and quality-controlled CNC milling/fabrication.